Leadership Development

Leadership Development & Training

John Maxwell says, Leaders are developed daily, not in a day.

Therefore investing in the development of employees, both those in a leadership role andthose with the potential to advance (succession planning), is a criticaland competitive requirement.

Today’s workplace is unique. Leaders need to understand how to move from a focus on the transactional to the transformational. They need to have a strategic vision, understand change management principles and practices, and yet they need to be seen as a strong and trustworthy leader. They need to understand and work with staff from all four generational groups. In a recent survey of HR professionals, the top traits identified as critical for a leader to possess and demonstrate, are:

  • Trustworthy and Respectful
  • Effective Communicator
  • Confident
  • Focused and Accountable
  • Strong Leadership, Coaching and Motivational skills
  • Open to Learning and Changing

Wise Resources Inc. can tailor the support your organization needs on an individual coaching basis or in a group workshop format. Consideration is given to how you can meet your challenges in a cost-effective manner, while achieving your targeted results.

For those leading not-for-profit organizations, there are times when you need someone to strategize with – that is not on your Board or part of your Leadership Team.  Wise Resources Inc. can be that confidant or coach as you consider how best to move your team forward.